How do I choose an artwork?

Our approach is very simple - you choose what you like. If you love an artwork - it is enough. Art can serve many purposes but still the main one is to please you and make your life more beautiful. When buying art buy something that make you happier and what you will enjoy owning, looking at and showing others.


Do artworks require stretching or framing?

Some of the artworks might require stretching if they come just as canvases. It is easy to do at any framing store but it will cost you some more money. Delivering canvases is safer and when sending canvases from overseas it is easier to get them into Australia without a wooden stretcher to avoid quarantine restrictions.

Whether to frame an artwork or not is very personal decision which depends on your tastes and style of your home decor and how you want to display the artwork. 

Framing an artwork and finding a right place is a creative process when you can work along with the artist to decide how the artwork will finally be presented.

We suggest that you give your new artworks some time to find its place at your home and try different locations and finally you will feel what place is the best. You do not necessarily have to hang an artwork on a wall as it could also be displayed on a shelf, on a desk or chest of drawers, you can get an easel and put an artwork on it and then change it depending your mood or occasion and your preferences that might change over time. 


Can I get a custom artwork?

If you are interested in any of the artists whose works are listed on our website you can contact us and discuss if you can commission an artwork. We will be happy to get you into a contact with an artists directly or you can communicate through us.


How long will it take to deliver an artwork?

All artworks we offer here are already in Australia. You do not have to wait for them to be delivered from overseas and deal with customs. It might take us 2-5 business days to get an artwork packed and sent to you and then there is standard Australia post delivery time.

With digital art it might take up to 10 business days to get an artwork printed and posted to you. You will be notified as soon as your artwork is on the way to you.


Can I buy an art work for someone else as a gift?

It is a great idea! You can read more about it here.


How do you package art works?

All artworks are securely packed to make sure they arrive intact and they are also insured to protect your interest as a buyer.


What if I do not like the artwork I bought?

As they say  in Ikea: "It is ok to change your mind". It might happen that you do not like the artwork when you meet it in person. Then you just send it back to us and we will return you the money as soon as we see that the artwork is in its initial condition. You have 10 days since the delivery to make your  decision to keep your artwork or not.


Are all the art works authentic?

All the artworks you find in our gallery are original artworks. Every artwork is a one of a kind unique creation.

Some of the artworks might be inspired by other painting or drawings or they might represent a copy of another artwork but it will be mentioned in the description.


What are the shipping costs?

We offer free delivery around Australia by Australia post so you will not have any extra expenses in regards to packaging and delivering your artworks.


What if the art work got damaged while being delivered?

We provide insurance against any damage or loss during delivery. If an artwork is delivered damaged, just let us know via email with all the information and photos of the damaged artwork. We will give you a full refund.


How should I take care of my artworks?

There are few simple tips to follow when taking care about your artworks:

- with oil paintings try to avoid direct sunlight and high humidity and do not put them very close to radiators, air conditioning units, ovens, etc. Oil paintings do not have to put under glass but if you want you can protect them with glass but just make sure that the glass does not touch the painting. If a painting is fresh it needs fresh air and sunlight (though not direct) during its first year of life to dry completely. Overtime a stretched painting might need restretching if its canvas becomes too loose or too tight.

- if it is a watercolour  or pastel / pencil drawing it is highly recommended to put it under glass. We have all such artworks matted for you which is also a good way to keep them in good condition but you might want to change the mat according to your preferences. A mat and frame might dramatically change the way an artwork looks.

- when hanging your artwork on a wall it is better to have it at an angle so dust does not set on the artwork but on its upper edge or its frame.



How do I display art works?

There is no right or wrong decisions about where and how you decide to  display an artwork. It is completely your choice though you might want to ask for a advice from an interior stylist or a person who you think has a good taste and can assist you. Listen to their advice and then still do what you feel right for you. Try different places and also consider lighting.



Can you stretch and frame an artwork for me?

Yes, if you want us to stretch or frame an artwork for you we can do this. We will provide you with a quote for that services and time required and if you are happy we will do everything needed.