About us

Nivens Art Gallery is a small family business run by us - Lena and Sergey Nivens.
What we had in mind is to offer a part of our private collection for Australian art lovers along with the digital artworks by Sergey himself. We want to share our passion with others as well as bring new opportunities for our favorite artists who live far from Australia to sell their artworks Down Under.

At the age of globalization we have opportunity to enjoy high quality authentic art from all other the world and we hope that Nivens Art Gallery will be connecting artists from overseas with those who love art in Australia. 

Original art is able to brighten your life, make your home unique and beautiful, support your self-expression and make amazing gifts for you and your dearests. You just need to hold an original painting once - see it with your eyes, feel it with your hands, even smell it (we adore the smell of freshly painted oil) - and that will surely be the start of a life-time endlessly beautiful and satisfying journey into art appreciating and collecting. 

You will be pleasantly surprised at the prices we have. The affordability does not come at the price of the quality but reflects the fact that not all the countries as expensive as Australia and that we do not have intention to earn a fortune but rather spread beauty of art to as many people as we can. 

Please, immerse yourself in art and find the art you will fall in love with.