Meet the blue - the colour of the year 2020

The color of the year 2020 announced by the Pantone Color Institute is PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue. Its deep blue shade is very relaxing and blue color in general is very comforting. Blue color resonates with many of us and might bring peace and feeling of stability which is so much sought after in the modern changing world full stress and uncertainty. Please, browse our collection for some wonderful artworks in blue.

 Seascape by Nadezda Ilyina

  Lillies of the valley by Nataliya Mischiryakova

   A thunderstorm is coming by Igor Kireev          


   Still life with a pomegranate by Daniil Kulikov

 Countryside promenade by Marina Shalyapina

  Water lillies by by Natalia Shaikina

  Violin by Ludmila Sokolova

  Night by Oksana Romanova

 Night fishing by Dmitriy Rabtsun

 Twilight by Michail Saharov

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